WWJD 2.0

We’re in the midst of a months-long, worldwide pandemic. Whatever you may believe about its origins and causes, the realities of a changed life and culture are unavoidable. Quarantine recommendations and requirements are new threads in the tapestry of human existence in 2020.

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Famously Infamous

Humans have built many “tall towers” since that time, while speaking many languages. We have also seen that God’s concern was warranted. Think of the horrible atrocities human-kind has “accomplished” over the centuries. When we “are one people” we can do amazing things, positive or negative, good or evil (Genesis 11:6). 

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Eternal Love

God’s love is absolutely permanent (1 Corinthians 13:8-13). His Love is eternal; it never fails; it never becomes obsolete. Prophecy is only partial; Tongues will cease; Our knowledge is also partial. While all else crumbles around, love stands firm. That’s the difference isn’t it? If we want peace and unity we need a more permanent love, God’s love!

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Waves of Grief

But if you should choose to ride them…? Some will take you gently back to shore. Some will train you to keep better balance, and some will take you farther than you can imagine, to a very enjoyable place and peaceful state of mind.

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Real Gratitude

Gratitude is not simply saying the occasional “Thank you.” It is an attitude that is developed when we actively seek to know the blessings, the good, in all people and circumstances.

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Spiritual Amputation?

Whatever the scenario, there is some kind of pruning that needs to take place in our lives (John 15:1-11). We need repeated pruning, in fact, because we keep getting entangled in things that are harmful, but as long as we stay attached to the vine and only amputate the diseased branches, we can truly remain whole in Christ!

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These Are the Generations

Whatever generation you’re attached to now, how can you help that generation stay attached to the spiritual lineage of Jesus Christ? Be a part of His clan, adopt its language, travel in their land, show pride in that nation so the Lamb can write your name in the book of life.

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Proactive Reconciliation

There is an unmatched level of proactivity in the teachings of Jesus. If we want to avoid conflict with God, first work directly on conflict with your brothers and sisters. A brother in Christ recently shared this illustration with me: to be reactive in our Christian walk is to simply float downstream and allow it to carry you where it will, for better or for worse.

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Covenant Signs

Why does a covenant need a sign? A covenant is a contract, an agreement, a commitment, a pledge, a bond, a deal, an arrangement, an understanding. Hebrew covenants were usually accompanied by special sacrifices, words of promise or oath, and signs.

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