Rainbows and Promises

My children build toy block towers and destroy them without a thought. Cities rezone and tear down ancient buildings to make way for improvements with little emotion. No reconstruction can compare with what God chose to do.

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Spiritual Visibility

We need to think about our Christian communities. Are they visible to weary, lost, travelers of this life-draining world? Jesus is the Light of the World! (John 8:12) His mission was to shine light into the darkness, to increase spiritual visibility for all (John 1:5, 9-13). Jesus commissioned His followers to mimic Him, to be light bearers.

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Precision Obedience

Even more detail is given in Exodus when God instructs Moses on the particulars of Tabernacle construction and the people were expected to carry out those commands with precision. So the salient question is, “Does God expect that kind of careful precision obedience from us today?”

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Salt of the Earth

Salt is extremely influential. Jesus mentioned the taste of salt. If it’s flavor enhancing quality is removed it can’t be re-injected into the tiny crystals. Jesus knew the power of influence and its fleeting nature, here one minute and gone the next.

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The Blame Game

What are the qualifications for blamelessness? Are we talking about absolute perfection in every thought and action while living our physical existence? Noah did actually make mistakes; in fact, one is recorded for us. God corrected Job on his presumptions as well.

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What is persecution? Do you remember playing tag? Have you ever been chased like that? Was it fair? Did the chaser have an advantage? That advantage doesn’t last forever does it? Persecution is like that, an unfair advantage being pushed and exploited.

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