What is persecution? Do you remember playing tag? Have you ever been chased like that? Was it fair? Did the chaser have an advantage? That advantage doesn’t last forever does it? Persecution is like that, an unfair advantage being pushed and exploited.

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Are We Missing the Point?

Usually, when there is a lack of information, it’s best not to form concrete conclusions. Since we’re missing key data regarding dates, maybe God wants us to understand the larger picture, the eternal significance, the main point.

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Do Me A Favor

Don’t forget the God factor. God chose to show His favor to Noah. He didn’t have to do that, despite Noah’s positive actions. We know God will do His part, but what was Noah’s part, our part, of the equation?

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War Or Peace?

If someone stands between two warring parties we call that person a peacekeeper; they valiantly pacify each angry, immature outburst. This may seem like a good thing sometimes, but often it actually enables bad behavior and avoids the root problem.

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God’s Regret

Have your children ever disappointed you? You taught them correctly. You told them exactly what they were supposed to do and for some inexplicable reason they didn’t obey? Why? They knew it was wrong yet they ignored you, choosing to do whatever they wanted. Ouch!

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Walking With God

It’s hard to argue with people and walk with them at the same time. You can discuss and reason while you walk. It’s difficult to do that while running, hurrying though life. Enoch encourages us to slow down and take a walk with God, to discuss life and aquire His wisdom.

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