The Wheat Patch

Good day! I hope this blog will be helpful to the readers few and far between. There is an increasing number of these sites available and I don’t know that mine will be all that distinguished from others. The main purpose is for spiritual encouragement that comes primarily from the Bible, from Scripture, from God. If we can start with what God says maybe we can navigate through life’s challenges a little better. These posts may not all be applicable to you in every situation, but if you keep reading maybe you’ll find something to spur you on to love and good deeds (Hebrews 10:24).

My last name is Wheat and one of my nicknames is Patch. When you combine those two illustrious monikers, the Wheat Patch is born. So there will be regular plantings of one grain or another here in the Wheat Patch. Please check back soon.

May many blessings be yours in Christ,

Chris Wheat – Minister

Northside church of Christ

2500 Parrish

Waco, TX 76705



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