Walking with Grandpa

I took a walk with Grandpa a few years back and enjoyed hearing some of his famous, favorite stories. It was a unique experience always lifting my spirits. I believe I know why and it wasn’t just the difficulty of keeping up with the long strides of a strong, athletic, almost six and a half foot tall man: he had such a positive attitude and outlook on life! He always gave passers by the old fashioned “Good Morning!” This greeting inevitably catches someone by surprise in the mind-your-own-business society of the 21st Century. After the initial astonishment, most do respond because somewhere in the recesses of their minds they find that dusty old book on the shelf entitled, “Good Manners My Momma Taught Me.”

This story naturally brings me to Satan. Wait a minute—stay with me! Don’t you think Satan has deduced that one of the best ways to attack Christians in a depressed and grumpy world is to make us feel that way too? I know that’s what he does to me. I’m not suggesting we pretend we have no problems or we live in perfect circumstances. Grandpa had a long life with a great number of problems he could complain about, but he didn’t allow such things to interfere in his interactions with the lost.

In Ephesians 4:17-32 Paul tells us to walk in love, not in futility. In 1 John 1:7 we are to walk in the light, not the darkness. When we choose to walk with God he expects us to be positive, focusing on good things and allowing him to address our problems. Dwelling on the negative will not improve the situation. When you go to church, the grocery store, or the family reunion, don’t let Satan kill your optimism. God has given us an enumerable list of reasons to rejoice. Think positive, take a walk in the sunshine, and greet the people you meet! (Philippians 4:8-13)


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