God’s Spiritual Greenhouse

I may have heard the term before but I heard it a handful of times one summer at Black Mesa Bible Camp in the Oklahoma panhandle. Usually, the idea was mentioned in prayer asking God to help us soak up the nourishment being offered in His “spiritual greenhouse.” This notion was in stark contrast to the near desert-like terrain surrounding us at the time. I thought the juxtaposition of ideas appropriate since, after all, the world is the spiritual desert in which we’re wandering and we need our churches and families to be an oasis of sorts, where we can soak up the nutrients needed to persevere.

You can read of a similar picture in Jeremiah 17:5-8 where the prophet describes God’s idea of a cursed person and a blessed one. Do we want to be the shrubs in the desert hoping for a single drop of rain to keep us alive or shall we be the trees planted firmly and deeply by the stream of water? Do we want the source of life always present, the tender greenhouse keeper pruning and feeding us, the shelter the farmer provides, and the sunlight breaking through the darkness?

It is time to make the daily choice to be in, and stay in, the spiritual greenhouse of God’s love and protection. Where do you find yourself today? Even in the desert of this life, God provides an oasis of life-giving water to all (John 4:13-14).


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